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How you pay for your dental care can be an important decision. We strive to provide you with excellent value for your hard earned dollar. Dental insurance can be a help in affording dental care, but as you may have seen on our Insurance page, it has its disadvantages as well.

Our policy is to discuss your treatment plan and finances before scheduling any treatment. If there is any question about what is needed or how much your investment is, asking before proceeding is always a wise choice. We attempt to make accurate estimates of what your insurance should pay—but obviously we are not them and cannot speak on their behalf. If there is any change from an estimated treatment plan, we will attempt to discuss it with you before proceeding. You are ultimately responsible for paying us for any treatment you receive despite any possible insurance coverage—or lack thereof.

We accept many forms of payment including cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and CareCredit.

Credit Cards Accepted

Seniors (age 65 and above) may receive a 5% senior discount, provided payment is made via cash or check and that no insurance plan is involved or any other discount is applied—except for Prepayment.

Senior Discounts

A Prepayment discount of 5% may be offered for payment of an entire treatment plan via cash or check before treatment is scheduled. This offer is not available after 3 weeks of the date that a treatment plan is discussed. Senior discount of 5% and Prepayment discount of 5% may be combined. This option is not available for contracted insurance plans.

Local credit unions may be a valuable resource for low cost financing of needed dental care or optional cosmetic dental services.

Please call us at 535-8838 if you have any questions or concerns about finances for your family dentistry, new dentures, porcelain crowns, emergency dental care or cosmetic dental services.
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