I have so many dental problems; sometimes I think I should just pull out all my teeth and get dentures.
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Best advice: don't try to do it yourself.

Sometimes dentures are not a bad choice if severe gum or tooth conditions are present.

Going from natural teeth to dentures can be an extreme step,however—and it is not reversible.

Dentures also have their own special troubles. Excellent denture fit is sometimes difficult to achieve. Dentures usually require replacement every 5-10 years and never function like natural teeth do. Some people have the notion that removal of teeth and placement of dentures is a final step--it is not.

Sometimes this statement is made by a person who only needs to invest a couple thousand dollars to restore what has been neglected for a few years.

If cost is the main consideration: removal of teeth and placement of a well made set of dentures can run 6 or 7 thousand dollars. Treatment and maintenance of natural teeth may actually cost less.

Additionally, it may be wise to save some teeth and consider removable partial dentures--this can be an interim step if you are not ready or willing to lose all your teeth.

We do all aspects of dentistry from complete dentures to removable partials to dental implants and full mouth reconstruction with enhanced cosmetic detail. We even make implant supported lightweight fixed dentures if you are tired of loose dentures. If you would like a free consultation about your particular situation, please call us at 535-8838 to schedule a visit with Dr. Kimball at his dental office on the South Hill of Spokane WA, 99223.
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