"Just a check-up and just a cleaning."
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My most important overall "product" is a happier and healthier patient.

Senior to dental care are overall medical concerns--I screen for these on a routine basis and will make a referral to see a physician if indicated. Besides not going to the dentist as often as they should, people often avoid seeing a medical doctor too.

Over the past few years I have made referrals to physicians which resulted in early enough intervention to save the lives of patients suffering from thyroid cancer and lymphoma. These patients had no symptoms noticable to them!

I screen for oral cancer as well and will make a referral to see an oral surgeon if follow up is indicated. Of course we also examine for bite and jaw problems, gum diseases, nose and throat problems, salivary problems, tooth problems and any appearance concerns you might have.

Sometimes "just a check up" can save your life. Knowing this, we do not schedule for "just a cleaning."

Our initial check-up special includes comprehensive examination and x-ray examination using digital bitewing radiographs and consultation about your overall present state of general and oral health. If needed, a panoramic radiograph may also be indicated.

There are several different types of cleaning that may be indicated, depending upon your periodontal (gum) condition. Preventive cleaning is usually done for patients who show no or minimal signs of gum disease.

Periodontal maintenance care is another type of cleaning for patients who have disease that is being controlled with good home care and 3 to 4 month cleaning intervals.

For patients who have active gum disease other types of cleaning may be indicated: full mouth debridement or periodontal scaling and root planing. If it has been several years since regular dental care, many patients are in this category.

Hopefully you can see that there is a spectrum of "cleaning"--there really is no such thing as "just a cleaning".
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