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The machine shown in this video is a "CEREC 3D" that we use to make crowns in a single visit!
"Caring", "Comfortable", "Concerned"--these are some descriptors of "gentle dental care." It is important to us that your treatment is provided gently and respectfully. Communication plays a major role--especially when it comes to us listening to your concerns and making sure that they are addressed properly.

We also respect your time. You probably have "better things to do" than go to the dentist. We are not a "big impersonal clinic"--usually we see one person at a time and strive to schedule any treatment you may need in as few visits as possible.

We feel that we can save you money. Prevention or early correction of problems is usually the most economical approach to dental care. When treatment is needed, we recommend sound procedures that are likely to give lasting results and high value for your hard earned dollar.

We can be helpful in improving your quality of life. Some of these things may be important to you: Freedom from pain or infection. Being able to chew better. Improved general health from good dental health. Looking good and feeling good as a result of cosmetic care.

Whatever your dental concern, we would like to help. Please call us today at 535-8838 or send us an e-mail.
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